How to find the perfect career in life?

The average UK graduate will be earning £40,000 a year in today’s terms, with a median salary of £32,000.

However, there are some areas of the economy that will make a lot more money than that.

Here are five ways you can get more out of life in the UK.1.

Business: If you’ve got a small business, you’re going to be earning a lot less.

However you’re also likely to be making less than your peers.

Businesses with over 20 staff will see a 25 per cent rise in average pay, while the number of employees in a single business will increase by 13 per cent.2.

Nursing: This sector, which employs just under one in 10 people in the country, will see average pay rise by just under 15 per cent, from £21,000 to £23,000 in 2020.3.

Retail: The UK is expected to see a 7 per cent increase in average earnings from £24,000 last year to £27,000 this year, according to the National Retail Federation.4.

Legal and accounting: The legal and accounting sector is predicted to increase by 8 per cent to £29,000, while there will be an increase in the number working in this sector by 6 per cent from 2019 to 2020.5.

Finance: The financial services industry is expected in 2019 to see an increase of just over 5 per cent in average salary.6.

Healthcare: There is a 16 per cent decrease in the expected average salary of a GP and other allied health professionals, with the NHS budget expected to be $9,000 lower than last year.7.

IT: The IT sector will see an 11 per cent fall in the average salary, from $29,500 to $26,500, with an increase for the NHS to $19,000 from 2019.8.

Accommodation and food: The average salary for the accommodation and food sector is expected increase by 3 per cent for 2019.9.

Retail, hospitality and hospitality management: The accommodation and restaurant sector is forecast to increase 7 per to 7 per per cent by 2019, while overall the hospitality sector is set to see inflationary pressure as a result of rising prices for accommodation and restaurants.10.

Professional, scientific and technical services: The sector will increase from £28,500 in 2019, to £30,000 by 2020.