Emma Chamberlain plans to put ’em on a plane’ to visit family in Australia

Emma Chamberlain, the first female US President, will be on a private plane to visit her family in Melbourne, Australia.

Emma Chamberlains youngest daughter, Ema, will join her dad at the airport to fly from the US to Melbourne in September.

Ms Chamberlain’s eldest son, Matthew, is set to arrive in Australia next month and will join his father in the capital.

Ms Chamberslain will be in Melbourne to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of Disney’s Frozen.

Emma will be travelling on a “road trip” to Australia.

She will visit the US and visit her dad’s native state of Georgia, where she grew up.

“I will be heading down to Georgia to visit my parents and visit with my dad,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“My dad is in Georgia, and we’ll be taking a road trip down there and spending some time together.”

Emma’s daughter Ema will be joining her dad in the US next month.

The family plan to fly to Melbourne on September 16, 2020, and Ms Chamberslain is set for a return to the US in November 2020.

ABC News: Ms Chamberslains oldest son Matthew is set next month to visit his parents in Georgia.