The Smart Home of Tomorrow

Lillies CEO Liz Lillied, founder of the Smart Home startup, is a fan of the future.

As an inventor and futurist, Lillie believes the future of smart home technologies is already here, but her vision for the future isn’t as clear as it seems.

In an interview with TechRadars Lillier outlined her vision of a new kind of smart-home platform: one that will connect with people in their homes, not just with their devices.

“In the future, the future will be connected, and the next wave of connectedness will be the connected home,” Lillily said.

“We want to connect people to their home, not their devices.”

She explained that the platform will allow individuals to interact with each other in a more intimate way than before, by connecting them to each other through the Internet.

“The smart home will connect people,” Lilla told TechRadard.

“You will be able to do that with your home.”

Lillily also talked about how she sees the future in terms of technology.

She pointed to the ability of smart devices to track health and mood, and how the use of smart sensors will allow for more personalization and personalized recommendations.

Lillier is the cofounder of Lilliestop, which is the brainchild of Lilla.

It is currently based in California and is backed by $1.3 billion in venture capital backing from some of Silicon Valley’s top investors.

Lilliness, who has been a leading voice in the development of smart homes for the last decade, is not afraid to speak her mind.

“I don’t believe in hype,” she said.

Lilla has made clear that Lilliel is not looking for any money in this company, and has said that she hopes to work with Lilly to help bring a “new and exciting” smart home platform to market.