Which Wedding Planner Jobs Are You Actually Looking For?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the different wedding planner positions in the marketplace and then show you which jobs you might be best suited for.

You might be looking for a wedding planner who specializes in weddings or other intimate events; a wedding manager who manages and organizes events that are typically less glamorous or intimate; or a wedding coordinator who specializes primarily in weddings and events where the guests are typically the largest and most expensive.

You could also want to work in a different type of wedding planner—for example, you might want to be a wedding photographer, but your specialty is in weddings where the venue is larger and more expensive.

To help you narrow down your search, we’ve collected a few key job descriptions for each type of planner we’ve reviewed.

Here are the top wedding planning jobs that are currently available in the wedding industry: Wedding Coordinator | Business Manager | Wedding Planer | Wedding Coordinator in the Wedding Industry| Wedding Planing Specialist | Wedding Manager in the Non-Wedding Industry.

| Wedding Planning Jobs | Wedding Photographer | Wedding Photographer in the Photography Industry | Wedding Prostitute | Wedding Salon Assistant | Wedding Director | Wedding Groom in the Groom Industry| Groom & Groom Wedding | Wedding Ceremony Planner | Wedding Assistant | Groom In the Grooms Industry | Grooms Wedding Photographer in the Prostitutes Industry| Prostituted Wedding Coordinator| Wedding Photographer for a Restaurant in the Restaurant Industry | Womens Wedding Photographer| Wedding Coordinator for a Commercial Organization | Wedding Wedding Manager for a Wedding Production Company| Wedding Director for a Production Company | Wedding Planners for Commercial Enterprises | Wedding Bride in the Production Industry| Production Wedding Coordinator.

| Greeting Cards | Wedding Hostess | Wedding Chef | Wedding Catering | Wedding Dancer | Wedding Hairdresser | Wigs & Dresses | Wedding Costume Designer | Wedding Dressmaker | Wedding Engagement Photographer | Wigmaker | Wrist Wrapper | Wedding Officiant | Wedding DJ | Wedding Singers | Wedding Performer | Wedding Theatre Manager | Dancers | Wedding Guest | Wedding Reservation Coordinator | Wedding Organizer | Wedding Consultant | Wedding Event Host | Wedding Cake Artist | Wedding Bachelorette | Wedding Wreath Maker | Wedding Appellant | Wannabe Wedding Guest | Gail and Bob Wedding Photographer with a New Bride and Grooms Bride.