Meet Emily Ley, the CEO of Big Happy planner and event planner who’s bringing her love of food to the office

Big Happy, a food and drink-focused planner and organizer, has a new event planner on the job. 

Emily Leys first-person POV cooking style is one of the most important elements of her company, and she recently launched a new style called “The Big Happy Planner.”

The planner, which launches March 17, uses an app to track the schedule of each event.

As a first-time participant, you get a personalized event calendar, which includes the name of each participant, the date and time of each cooking event, and how many of each ingredient will be available for purchase.

You also get a weekly list of “favorite dishes,” which you can select from the menu of events and restaurants. 

Leys first job was working in a restaurant, and when she moved to an office, she found herself spending more time in the kitchen than ever before. 

“I love cooking, and I wanted to bring that back into the office, so that I could get a little more focused on the food,” Leys told Engadgets. 

She’s currently using a recipe from her favorite restaurant for her weekly event, “Boulevard Bouquet,” which features a variety of dishes and specialties.

The restaurant has been open since 2013 and is now home to the “Boudoir” series, which is named after her restaurant.

The event calendar has a variety on the menu, including soups, salads, and more. 

As the company expands into the food business, Leys hopes that the Big Happy planner will serve as a good introduction to the business.

“I think that people who work in restaurants and want to be a part of the food scene will really love that we are trying to do something new,” she said.

“There’s nothing like trying to be creative and experimenting, and getting feedback from the people in the restaurant.” 

The plan is available to download for free from the company’s website, but Leys says she’s hoping that it will become a weekly event. 

Big Happy will host the Big happy event on March 17 from 6-9pm at the New York offices of BiggerThanMe, and the event is free. 

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