11 ways to save money on your wedding planner notebook


Use your planner’s website to track your spending and see what you are getting out of the deal 2.

Make sure to choose the right planner for you and your budget 3.

Take advantage of the savings by using the planner’s calculator to estimate your costs 4.

Use a budgeting app to find the cheapest plan available 5.

Get a free credit check to ensure you are covered by your insurance 6.

Read reviews on online retailers to find an inexpensive price 7.

Make an appointment for a free online preview of your planner 8.

Learn more about your options and the different plans available to you 9.

Read and discuss the tips, tricks and guidelines for getting the most out of your planning 10.

Review your planner and the plan that is right for you 11.

Save more money by selecting a plan that includes the most flexible benefits 12.

Get help with your planning questions by accessing our online resources 13.

Use the calculator to compare your costs to other planners and find out what you will get out of it 14.

Get information about your local laws, regulations and the latest court cases that apply to you 15.

Find out how to get a copy of your wedding license and receive a copy when you receive it 16.

Get the latest news on the health, safety and security of your property 17.

See how your local government and other groups are working to improve your health care system 18.

Find your nearest and online resources for information on community health and wellness 19.

Learn about how to improve the security of sensitive information 20.

Learn how to manage your money with the Financial Accounting Guide 21.

Read about how the IRS has made a number of changes to its tax rules 22.

See what your state and local governments can do to help you pay for a wedding or other ceremony 23.

View the latest tax advice and resources for your area 24.

See which states and localities have adopted same-sex marriage policies 25.

Learn the tax benefits of the state’s new insurance and property tax deduction 26.

Get more information about the various types of insurance that cover your needs 27.

Read a variety of tax-related articles to learn more about the tax laws and how to apply them 28.

Find tips on how to pay for legal fees, insurance, property taxes, and other important expenses 29.

Review the different ways you can file your taxes and other documents to avoid potential penalties 30.

Find a tax professional who can help you with your tax questions 31.

Learn what to do if you receive a notice that your tax return is overdue or you do not pay your taxes 32.

Read information on filing a claim for a refund 33.

Find information about filing for unemployment benefits and unemployment benefits for people with disabilities 34.

Find more information on the different types of unemployment benefits available 35.

Read tax-free resources for the purpose of filing a return 36.

Find ways to keep your home and belongings safe 37.

See tips on filing your taxes for the tax season 38.

See if you qualify for tax credits that help you reduce your tax bills 39.

Find the latest federal tax credits and help you make the most of them 40.

Read more about how you can get these tax credits for your tax year 1.

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