What you need to know about the CTA trip planner

The CTA has added a trip planner to its online service, and the results are spectacular.

There are two ways to use it: One way is to use the planner to quickly find routes from one stop to another.

The other way is by going through a series of interactive steps and getting to the destination.

Here are the key points to know: 1.

Use the planner in a single click The planner lets you browse the CTS’s network of routes and shows the most popular routes based on a user’s activity.

This helps you find a route you’re looking for.


Create your own route plan This is a new feature, and you’ll need to log in with a new CTA account.

Once you have logged in, you can create a route plan and share it with friends and family.


Track your progress using the route planner In addition to tracking your own activity, the planner also shows you your progress on the route you’ve chosen, which is great if you’re trying to plan out a trip for the first time.

If you want to plan ahead and have your favorite routes on your mind, you’ll want to make a plan.


Search for a route using the interactive route planner If you need help finding a route, you’re going to have to do a bit of research.

The CTS has created a list of the most frequently used routes, and it will let you find the closest one.


Get a schedule of your next trip If you’re planning to take the CTrain, you might want to look up the most convenient station at each stop.

The planner also lets you see the next day’s schedule for your trip.


Download your route planner This is where it gets really interesting.

The online planner also has the ability to import your route into Apple Maps.

If the route looks familiar, you may already know it, so you can import it into the planner.


Share your favorite route with your friends and Family The CCT has launched a new app for iOS and Android that lets you share your favorite CTA routes with family and friends.


Use a virtual route planner with the app The CTC has partnered with the Walt Disney World Resort and the Walt’s World Resort for the virtual CTA route planner.

It’s a great way to get ideas for your next CTA run.

The app lets you create and save a virtual CTT and share the route.


Get tips for the next CTT With the app, you will be able to: Choose from more than 500 routes from the CTT network and route maps