Mom planner teacher, post planner teacher: Who’s the most influential teacher on your life?

A mother planner teacher from the Philippines, who has worked with kids of different ages and ethnicities, has shared her top 5 most influential teachers on your career.

“There is no one who has taught me more than my wife,” said the mother planner.

“She taught me how to be independent, to make my own decisions, to have a healthy family, and to be able to say no to things that were going against her,” she added.

The mother planner said her wife had taught her to take her own life after her son started drinking too much and began making irresponsible decisions.

“We decided to get divorced because I wanted to be a mother and I wanted my kids to grow up knowing that there is no reason why they shouldn’t be happy,” she said.

“And my children are now looking forward to seeing me happy every day.”

She said she also learned how to stay positive when things got tough.

“I think it’s the fact that my children grow up learning how to live with themselves and be positive.

I think it is a big part of my role as a teacher.

I am always teaching my kids that there’s always someone in the world that cares about them, that loves them, and that wants them to succeed.”

Top 5 Most Influential Teachers on Your Career