Which planners are most important to you?

You don’t need to know everything about the planning industry to get a great idea of which planners you can trust.

Below, we’ve compiled the top 10 planners for every major market, and what they do best.


KPMG: KPM, a New York-based consulting firm, is known for its expertise in building real estate and property management.

Its portfolio includes planning and real estate investment advisory, as well as consulting services to private clients.

KPS, another New York firm, offers a wide range of real estate, investment, and estate advisory services.

Its clients range from Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to international corporations and governments.


L.A.P.A.: The firm has been in business since 2005, and it’s known for working with big corporations on building their strategies for the future.

Its expertise in real estate has been on display in the past, including on the purchase of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team.


Wards Property Management: The firm works with corporations to develop long-term strategies for their properties.

Warshoes’ clients include major corporate corporations like AT&T and Coca-Cola.


The Hodge Group: The company has been helping corporate and private clients for more than 50 years, and its clients include multinational corporations, governments, and other organizations.

The firm’s focus is on identifying the best strategic approaches for managing their properties, as the firm works to identify the right combination of strategies for each project.


Leggett Group: Leggetts, a real estate firm based in Pennsylvania, has been around for more, with clients such as the New York City Mayor, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the United States Navy.

Its services include development and financing of residential, commercial, and institutional properties.


Urban Institute: The real estate consultancy firm works for real estate developers, as it does for the public.

Its focus is in urban development, with a focus on urban infrastructure and development of parks, parks and recreational facilities.


The Leggets: The Leach Group specializes in the development of residential and commercial properties, with its focus on the design, design, and construction of public parks and trails.


W.S., a consulting firm: W. S. is the parent company of W. Leach, and this firm has a history of helping private corporations and government entities manage their properties in a responsible manner.

Ws clients include several large, multinational corporations and foreign governments.


Kroskowitz Group: Krosky and its partner, Kroskar, are real estate consultants that have worked with the federal government, as their clients include the National Park Service and the Federal Communications Commission.

K.G. has been working with corporations for decades, with recent clients such the National Institutes of Health and NASA.


Southeastern Real Estate, Inc.: This firm has offices in New York and New Jersey, as its clients range across the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, France, Spain, and elsewhere.