Teacher planner: What do you want your child to learn?

Teacher planner is a simple tool that can help parents plan the curriculum for their children.

Teachers can use it to help their pupils prepare for exams and to make sure they understand what they are learning.

The app is currently available in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. 

“We think it’s going to be very useful for parents who are looking for a simple way to plan the learning for their kids,” said Michelle Kowalczyk, senior partner at Teacher Planner.

“For example, they might want to plan how to start learning how to use the iPad.”

Teacher Planer lets parents plan lessons and quizzes for their child, from beginning to end, in real time.

“Parents can add a lot of content to a lesson that’s already been planned by the teacher,” she said.

Teachers have also been able to use it as a way to manage homework and make sure students are taking part in learning activities and are getting the most out of their lessons.

Teachers use it by adding quizzes and homework to their lesson plans.

“Teacher Planner lets parents organise homework for their school, but also makes sure that students get the most from each lesson,” Ms Kowczyk said. 

Teacher planner also provides the option of assigning homework to a teacher.

“If a parent wants to assign homework to one teacher, they can do so,” Ms Pankowiak said.

“The parents can choose how much homework to assign, and how many times each homework will be graded.” 

Teachers also can create lesson plans to help teachers better prepare for their students.

Ms Kamp said teachers could use the app to help them plan their students’ learning and improve their ability to manage their homework. 

“[Teacher planer] can help teachers plan for their class to get to where they want them to be,” she added.

“So parents can be a little more flexible and have a plan that they can work on with the teacher.” 

The app also provides parents with a list of resources that teachers have on hand to help with their classroom. 

While there are a number of different ways to use teacher planner, Ms Kamps main advice is to always ask for help if you are unsure. 

Ms Kamp also said that parents should always make sure that they have the option to set up homework.

“That’s a really good way to ensure that students are getting their best out of the learning, because that’s when they really get the best out their teacher,” Ms Kim said.

“And then students can use the resources they’ve set up and use it whenever they want to learn.” 

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