New 2019 holiday planner to focus on families

New 2019 planner Christian Stapleton is taking aim at the traditional family holiday planner market.

Stapton’s agency, Stapley Consulting, is developing a “truly customized” Christmas planning package that combines all of the services available in traditional family planning, including holiday cheer, family meals, and even a shopping cart.

The new package, which is expected to launch in late 2019, will offer all the services and features of traditional family planner packages but without the traditional elements.

While there are some notable differences in the package, there will also be plenty of overlap, according to Stapletons new head of planning, Michelle A. Smith.

The Staplerays new Holiday Planning Package will include everything from catering and holiday events to child care, childcare, and a variety of services for families, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Easter.

Smith told Fortune that she believes this is the first Christmas planning product Staplin has ever developed and she is looking forward to sharing the details of the new Holiday Planner with the community. 

The company also plans to offer online services for a wide variety of consumer needs including holiday planning, shopping, childcare services, holiday gift ideas, and family events.

“Christmas is the perfect time for us to introduce new and different services for your family, including a new digital portal for family shopping, shopping with your kids, and the opportunity to share your favorite holiday traditions with your loved ones,” Staplyn said in a press release.

“With the advent of digital technology, we will be able to deliver this much-needed service to you faster than ever before.

In the coming months, we plan to begin offering a variety on-demand services to help families celebrate and make the most of the holidays.” 

The Staplers new Holiday planning package will also include a variety the services of traditional holiday planning services.

For example, Staps new Holiday Shopping Cart and Holiday Shopping App will be built into the package. 

“Our family planning products are designed to simplify the process of planning a family holiday,” Smith said in the press release, “and they will offer more than the basic services of family planning such as holidays, birthdays, Christmas and Easter, but also include the things that are more essential like holidays, cooking, shopping for a holiday meal, Christmas gifts, and other gifts.” 

According to Stappers new Holiday Holiday Planning Program, the new package will offer an “all-inclusive, customized package that incorporates all the best features from traditional family planners like holiday cheer and child care” and will be “an excellent complement to any traditional family planer.” 

Stapleton’s Holiday Planning Suite, the company’s brand new online portal for families shopping, will also debut in the new packages.

According to Stapper, the Holiday Shopping Suite will “provide family planners with all of their holiday planning needs, including holidays, birthday parties, shopping baskets, shopping trips, holiday decorations, holiday cooking, holiday gifts, Christmas meals, holiday travel, holidays shopping, holiday shopping with children, and many more services.” 

“In 2019, our goal is to build on the success of our previous Holiday Planning products, including the Holiday Planer, which launched in 2019 and continues to offer the best of both worlds of traditional planning and digital marketing,” Stapper said.

“By partnering with Staplets new Holiday shopping portal, we are able to offer customers a fully customized Holiday shopping experience with the latest innovations in digital marketing.” 

While the new Staples Holiday Shopping Planner and Holiday Planing App will offer many of the same services as traditional holiday planners, the Staplestons Holiday Shopping Services will offer some of the features the Staps Holiday Shopping Products do not.

According the Stappers website, “The Staps holiday shopping portal is designed to be the first place for families to plan for the holidays.

The portal is optimized for families with children under the age of 12 and families with limited budget.

We will also offer the opportunity for families in a hurry to create a shopping basket for their children and/or their guests.” 

In addition to the Holiday Plans services, the brand new Holiday Services Package includes: – Holiday Gift Ideas and Christmas Tree Lighting – Family Events – Christmas Shopping Cart – Online Holiday Shopping and Holiday Gifts – Shopping for Christmas – Kids & Gifts Online Shopping & Holiday Gifts