EVO planner to launch in 2017

EVO is poised to launch its first app in 2017.

The company announced Wednesday that the first version of the app will launch in the US in the spring.

The app is aimed at planners and owners of cars.

The focus will be on mapping, planning, scheduling, and the like.

The planner has been available in the Apple App Store since September.

The launch comes on the heels of the launch of the Evo app on the Google Play store.

The Evo planner app is also compatible with Google Maps.

“We are excited to announce that the EVO app will be available on the Play Store in early 2017,” said Jeff Lebovitz, EVO co-founder and CEO.

“It’s a great opportunity for users to use the EVo planner to plan and plan for their car, while also enjoying the features of our own app.

It will be a fun addition to our fleet management toolkit.”

The EVO planner will include tools for planning the next trip to your destination, scheduling your trips, and even creating your own route.

For example, the planner will show you your destination and route, so you know what you can expect on your next trip.

Lebovevitz said the planner was developed with the goal of making planning for EVO cars more convenient and easier than ever.

“The EVO Planner is designed to help planners plan ahead for their next EVO car trip, and it’s going to make it easy to stay connected with the EVOS team via our own official blog and social media channels,” Lebova said.

“This is a great app that will make the EVOs planning experience even better, and we’re thrilled to add it to our app in a way that makes it easier for everyone to use.”

The app will also have a car section, allowing planners to view a detailed car overview, including its manufacturer, trim level, and fuel mileage.

This will allow users to plan ahead in a fun way, Lebovi said.

EVO plans to expand the planner to other cities, including Toronto and Vancouver.

“EVO plans on expanding the planner in the coming months,” Lebarovitz said.

The EVo planner app will work with Google maps to help you find and plan the best EVO routes.

Lebarova said that the app’s main focus is on the maps and the information displayed on the map, rather than the vehicles themselves.

“As we get closer to launch, we’re adding a lot more to the EVOCat app, so we’re not just adding a simple map of where EVO vehicles are, we are adding a detailed trip itinerary, route maps, and car prices and fuel prices,” he said.

LeBarovitz also said that while EVO will continue to update its app regularly, it is “fully focused on the planning experience, and there are no plans to add other features or features outside of the EVCOat app.”

For more information on the EVOLV planner, visit the EVolv website.