CTA says no more trips to NYC due to coronavirus threat

The Chicago Transit Authority is ending scheduled crossovers in the city this weekend after testing positive for coronaviruses, according to a news release from the agency.

The CTA said Thursday that travelers with no symptoms or known travel history will not be permitted to use the CTA Transit Center in the heart of downtown and Wicker Park.

The agency said that travelers who are currently in the affected areas and who have tested positive will be allowed to continue their trip at the Wicker-O’Hare Transit Center.

The CMA says travelers who have symptoms or travel history should take their symptoms and travel history to a health care provider immediately.

If they do not have symptoms, they should seek treatment at a local health care facility.

The Chicago Transit Center, located at the intersection of Chicago and Lake Michigan, is expected to reopen on Friday.

The first cases were detected in the area on Wednesday, and Chicago has reported an estimated 2,400 coronaviral cases.

A total of 4,400 people have tested negative for coronas, according the CMA.